You can share my sleeping bag any time. <3

FF Origins (PSX): Items
Antidote75 GPure potions are important in the beginning of the game. Your party will be poisoned frequently around ElfLand and Melmond. Keep alot of these handy, just in case; there's nothing worse than being stranded far from town, poisoned, with no way to cure yourself. Once your White or Red Mage learns PURE, however, the Pure potion loses it's importance.
Cottage3000 GThe House is like an Inn that can be used anywhere (at least, anywhere on the world map). It restores quite a bit of HP and it also restores MP, in addition to saving your game. BEWARE: it restores your MP AFTER it saves your game, so your party will NOT have restored MP in your save game unless you use a Tent right after you use a House (this may be a programming mistake, but that's life. Always use a Tent right after you use a House). Although the House is a very useful item, at 3000G apiece, you'll not be using them much until later in the game, when G is more abundant.
Gold Needle800 GSoft Potions are essential when fighting monsters who use petrification attacks, like Coctrice and Medusa. If all four of your party memebers are petrified, the game is over, so Soft Potions are even more important than Pure Potions when you are far from town. The White Mage spell SOFT is a level 6 spell, so you won't be getting it for quite awhile; you'll be relying upon Softs for quite some time.
Potion60 GHeal potions are incredibly important throughout the game. Keep 99 of them in stock at all times, especially when attempting to complete a dungeon.
Sleeping Bag75 GThe Tent is an inexpensive and effective way of saving your game when you are far from town. The HP it restores will be helpful in the beginning of the game, but even towards the end of the game, the Tent is still a great way to save your game quickly.
Tent250 GThe Cabin restores more HP than a Tent, but less than a House. If you can't afford a House, the Cabin is a nice alternative.
Feb 09, 2010 04:27 PM PST

I am 27 years old and do not live in a Cottage, Tent, or Sleeping Bag

Apr 02, 2010 10:45 PM PDT

I usually "save" my life in a sleeping bag.

Of course, there are other "bags" that can come in handy.

Apr 06, 2010 06:41 PM PDT

dime bags?

nickle bags?

hand bags?

grocery bags?

bean bags?

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