Megalixer? Darn spoiled kids. In my day we only had HEAL POTIONS, and we had to buy them one at a time in the item store for hours. Then walk home bare naked 15 miles in the snow, and we liked it that way. Get off my lawn!

FF: Dawn of Souls (GBA): Items
Antidote50 GCures poison status effect.
Blue CurtainN/ACasts NulShock.
Blue FangN/ACasts Thundara.
Cockatrice ClawN/ATurns one monster to stone.
Cottage2000 GFully restores HP and MP (whole party, can only be used on world map).
Dry EtherN/AFully restores MP (one character).
Echo Grass50 GCures Silence status effect (one character).
ElixirN/AFully restores HP and MP (one character).
Emergency ExitN/ACasts Exit.
Ether150 GHeals 50 MP (one character)
Eye Drops50 GCures Darkness status effect (one character).
Faerie TonicN/AIncreases maximum MP by 200 for one battle (one character).
Giant's TonicN/AIncreases max HP by 200 for one battle (one character).
Gold Needle500 GCures Stone status effect (one character).
Golden AppleN/AIncreases max HP by 10 permanently (one character).
Hermes' ShoesN/ACasts Haste.
Hi-Potion150 GHeals 150 HP (one character).
Light CurtainN/ACasts NulAll.
Luck PlusN/AIncreases Luck by 1 permanently (one character).
Lunar CurtainN/ACasts NulDeath.
MegalixirN/AFully restores HP and MP (whole party).
Mind PlusN/AIncreases Int by 1 permanently (one character).
Phoenix Down500 GRaises one character from the dead, giving them 1 HP.
Potion40 GHeals 150 HP (one character).
Power PlusN/AIncreases Str by 1 permanently (one character).
Protect DrinkN/ARaises defense for one battle (one character).
Red CurtainN/ACasts NulBlaze.
Red FangN/ACasts Fira.
Remedy1500 GCure all status effects.
Silver AppleN/AIncreases max HP by 5 permanently (one character).
Sleeping Bag50 GRestore partial HP (whole party, can only be used on world map).
Soma DropN/AIncreases max MP by 5 permanently (one character).
Speed DrinkN/ARaises agility for one battle (one character).
Speed PlusN/AIncreases Evade by 1 permanently (one character).
Spider's SilkN/ACasts Slow on all enemies.
Stamina PlusN/ARaises Defense for one battle (one character).
Strength TonicN/ARaises Attack for one battle (one character).
Tent160 GRestore partial HP and MP (whole party, can only be used on world map).
Turbo EtherN/AHeals 150 MP (one character).
Vampire FangN/ACauses Paralysis status effect on one monster.
White CurtainN/ACasts NulFrost.
White FangN/ACasts Blizzara.
X-PotionN/AFully restores HP (one character).
Feb 07, 2010 12:15 PM PST

Look at all these items. What a load of bull.

It's like they didn't even try to remake the game.

Feb 07, 2010 10:33 PM PST

UM..... can you please not say that. it pisses me off

Feb 08, 2010 02:21 PM PST

You hiding something, boy?

Feb 08, 2010 02:42 PM PST

Nope, just grew up with this item list

Aug 28, 2010 10:11 PM PDT

Speed Plus ups Agility by 1 permanently, not Evasion. Potions restore 50 HP, not 150.

Aug 28, 2010 10:25 PM PDT

Oh and Stamina Plus increases Stamina by 1 permanently.

Feb 14, 2014 07:24 AM PST

Lol @ Old Man Brian. :)

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