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I'm Dr. Unne. I'll be your sarcastic guide. Never compare me to Clippy, or I'll eat your face.

If you're unsure what you're doing here, pick a game in the menu on the left. Please note, the NES section is more complete than the others, and much of the information in the NES section is applicable to all the remakes also.

New Poll
Jan 01, 2010 03:00 PM PST, Posted by Brian

I made a new poll. Vote it up.

Happy New Year
Jan 01, 2010 02:41 PM PST, Posted by Brian

Happy new year, for those of you using the Gregorian civil calendar system. My new year's present for you all is a message board.

Party time
Dec 29, 2009 03:27 PM PST, Posted by Brian

I've re-implemented the Parties page, now with 57% less cheating, since you have to be logged in to vote. I discarded all the old vote counts, because they were a bit inflated (thousands of votes for some parties), because it was so easy to cheat.

I also added a profile field so you can select your favorite party.

Work work work
Dec 27, 2009 01:28 PM PST, Posted by Brian

I'm still touching up a few loose ends here and there. Check your profile, you should have some additional fields you can fill in now. It's pretty awesome how many people registered so far.

Question: Would anyone be interested in the ability to upload fanart? FF1-related fanart of course. I'm thinking about letting people have fanart galleries associated with their user accounts.

Anything else you'd like to be able to do at this site? Private messages perhaps? Leave a comment.

Coming soon: an explanation of what the heck EXP is for.

PS: Right now every time I reboot the server, it's going to log you out. Sorry. Also right now there's no way to recover your password (yet; I haven't written the code for it). If you lose or forget your password somehow in the meantime, register again and we'll figure it out.

New site
Dec 22, 2009 11:46 PM PST, Posted by Brian

Surprise, I rewrote the website.

You can register a user account in order to leave comments. Feel free to try it. I'm still testing a lot of stuff so don't be surprised if I wipe everything at some point and start over, but I don't have any plans to right now, hopefully it won't be necessary.

Some sections are missing (tournament, parties) but will show up once I write the code for them. On the other hand, all the charts are much more complete now, including Japanese text and stuff. Also I fleshed out the PSP section, there are sprites and other goodies. PSP music may follow once I figure out if it's worth uploading the crappy-quality MP3s I have. I have a message board all coded up but I'm not enabling it yet until I'm sure other things are working.

If you find any bugs let me know. I'll write an FAQ about the user system soon (once I actually decide how it's going to work). Please try to vote on the poll.

This site had its 10th anniversary in October of this year. The first version of the site was hosted on Tripod and was pretty painful to look at. Hopefully this new version of the site will last me another 10. Thanks to everyone who has been visiting for a while. I'm glad when anyone finds the site useful.

Spriting for fun and profit (minus the profit part)
Sep 08, 2009 04:45 AM PDT, Posted by Brian

Did you ever want to create your own sprites from a PSP game? I wrote a little article about doing so, on my blog.

Comments disabled
Sep 06, 2009 10:56 AM PDT, Posted by Brian

I just got around to reading the two years of comments I've been ignoring, and noticed that they consist of equal measures thoughtful and interesting gaming discussion, and developmentally-challenged children making a lame attempt at trolling.

So I have removed the comments for now. In the off chance I ever feel like reading them all to weed out the crap, they will be restored later. In the future, commenting will involve registration of a user account. I also plan to add a message board to the site soon, for another place to have discussion.

I apologize to all of the people who came here looking for info about FF1 and ended up reading a bunch of silly flamewars. That isn't the kind of site I like to run. Sadly I have neglected this site in favor of real life concerns and some other sites I run that took higher priority.

To those who contributed good discussion to the site, you have my thanks. Please stick around. Unlike all of those other times I promised to start working on the site again and never did, this time I actually am working on it. I have plans. The server move was the first step. (I just finished ripping all of the PSP music and sprites; you can look forward to those soon.)

Thanks again for everyone who visits this site in spite of my laziness and apathy. My apologies again on any abuse any of you have had to put up with.

Server move
Aug 19, 2009 01:54 PM PDT, Posted by Brian

I moved to a new server the other day. Sorry for the downtime.

In other news, yeah I'm still alive.

Apr 06, 2008 05:26 PM PDT, Posted by Brian

I updated a bunch of stuff. Check out the GBA enemies page at least.

Now I can start working on fanart and whatnot. May not be done today but it'll be done soon enough.

Mar 31, 2008 10:42 PM PDT, Posted by Brian

You never realize how screwed up your FF1 website is until you try to fix it.

I have a new enemy chart done which includes all the DoS-only enemies, along with screenshots of all of them. But I still can't upload it yet. Almost though. I just need to fix up some sprites pages. Probably this week sometime. Then on to fanart.

ps I'm probably also making a new message board for this site. From scratch. Hopefully that doesn't take long.

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